Lend a Cup of Sugar

We carry out the mission of the Justice League of Food by providing the culinary work space, business & skills training, and job placement for those in need.

We connect local businesses in need of workers with the homeless and hungry of Iowa, creating a win/win situation.

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A culture of community


We leverage the collective purchase power of the members, resulting in volume discounts from food distributors and reduced food costs.

The Kitchen enhances culinary and business creativity with a culture of nurturing, documenting and sharing intellectual capital. In addition, we provide a centralized location for collection of unused and edible commercial food products that can be transported to food pantries and shelters throughout the Des Moines metro.


We reduce overhead costs for member businesses through centralized administrative services such as accounting, procurement and event bookings.

We provide opportunities for gainful employment by offering paid internships to the homeless and hungry community, while at the same time reducing initial business startup costs by subsidizing the training costs of new hires.


The Kitchen promotes sustainability in reducing the population of the homeless and the hungry through job training and job placement within the industry.

We also improve food safety through centralized receiving, inspection and storage of food inventory delivered by commercial food distributors

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